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After a starring Vina, beautiful girl who was raped Ronald (played by Boy Hamza) in the soap opera 'When Love' Special Ramadan, Citra Kirana more known name only. Almost every day during the month of fasting yesterday his face appears on screen RCTI. Not to mention also starred in ads that often appear on television. Many people are curious about the figure of Citra Kirana who was born in Bogor on April 23, 1994. That's why we chose Citra Kirana as Profile Options this time. Here you can find profiles Citra Kirana, photographs Citra Kirana and about career Citra Kirana. Some soap operas starring never Citra Kirana, including soap operas 'Promise of Love' with Raffi Ahmad, 'Safa and Marwa' with Nikita Willy, Risty Tagor, Rionaldo Stockhorst and Riza Shahab and also the soap opera 'Nikita' with Nikita Willy and Dude Harlino.

Citra Kirana who plays 171 cm and body weight of 55 kg is indeed more to get the role of antagonist. However Citra Kirana who is reportedly dating actor Andrew Andhika was admitted comfortable playing the role of antagonist despite the consequences would be hated by the audience. Citra find it easier to act FILE, IMAGE, BIOGRAPHY Citra Kirana, biodata Citra Kirana, a grumpy figure rather than having to painstakingly drain tears. "I'm really hard when I have to cry. Then again mood, just to cry, "said Citra Kirana.

Currently Citra Kirana is busy filming the soap opera Sinemart production titled 'Princess in exchange' with Nikita Willy, Yasmine Wildblood, Rezky Aditya and Glenn Alinskie. Citra Kirana which still existed as a high school student Ms. Hope, Jakarta, is hated by the audience would not mind. "If it is true to the audience hated because of the role that I played, it means that my acting success," she said confidently.

But the image reject if he played the role of antagonist are considered because they want more quickly popular. Citra Kirana that had become a model video clip titled Seventeen bands 'Best Way' is not dismissed when the person is easier to remember if he played antagonist. "The role of antagonist or protagonist is actually the same. But it's easier for people to remember if I play the role of antagonist, "said Citra Kirana who started his career in the selection of Model My friends and Cover Girl 2007.

So far, Citra Kirana which often appear as the ad model is quite enjoying the activities in the world of soap operas. Location shooting, said the image, has become a second home for him. But always strived for shooting activities after school so as not to disrupt school. "Besides, the school gave a dispensation (for me). So there is no problem, "said Citra Kirana who previously had dreams of becoming a flight attendant this.

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