Vi Rahmawati

Five Vi Rahmawati known as sinetron actress and model ad stars. Acting mother from Bilqis Emelisqi this can be found in the serial KOMEDI BETAWI TransTV in the broadcast.
Vi own is the former wife of a man home in Malang, Iwan Setya Budiman, who officially divorced in 2006. Vi got divorce her husband, after often get some of the violence of her husband.
Vi and former husband, and the long-drawn enmity involved care about the struggle over the rights of children according to their Vi more and stay in his father's upbringing. To complete the case Vi also involve NGOs participated Children, National Commission for Child Protection.
The court eventually won Vi Five of the right to foster their child is. However, the problem is not to finish, because the former husband Bilqis appeal and is still in his father's embrace.

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